Zum dritten Mal besucht uns der Anatomiespezialist und Weltenbummler Stu Girling. Seit vielen Jahren bereist er die Welt und lehrt an Teacher Trainings und Workshops die Yoga-Anatomie. Bekannt sind auch seine Videos auf Youtube, in denen er bekannte “Ashtangis” interviewt und mit ihnen anatomiespezifische Themen bespricht.
Eine Auswahl seiner Videos findest du hier:
Stu’s playlist


Working with what you’ve got

The sort of workshops I offer come under the title of “Working with What You’ve Got” and are arranged relating to the major joints of the body (Ankles, Hips, Shoulders/Wrists and Spine) and associated posture groups (Forward Folds, Hip rotations, Backbends, Shoulders, Twists and Binding). The workshops introduce anatomical concepts in an accessible and fun way and are very practically based with the intention of allowing you to discover those muscles and areas of the body that are restricting you and demonstrating ways that you can work on those areas with more specificity. The idea is that through greater understanding of how different areas of your body influence the finished postures you can learn release restricted areas, to sequence more efficiently and also reduce the risk of taking stress into vulnerable areas by moving in the right places.
The workshops are suitable for all styles of yoga because rather than
 looking at specific alignment that might relate to one style or the other I take the route of exploring what might stop you achieving a desired alignment. All level of student is catered for by providing the information in multiple layers and allowing students to practically explore at their own level.